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          ABOUT US

          Home-About Us - Culture


          Company vision:

          We hope and strive to make big power "everyone's big power, China's big power, the world's big power, become the leader of permanent magnet drive system.

          Company mission:

          To create intelligent technologies, products and services that improve the quality of people's lives.

          Business philosophy:

          "Service, innovation, standardization, understanding"

          Establish enterprise brand image through service;

          Create enterprise development opportunities through innovation;

          Improve enterprise operation mechanism through standardization;

          Through understanding, the formation of a good corporate culture.

          Core values:

          Customers are our eternal partners. A 1% mistake means a 100% loss to customers. We will continue to provide products and services beyond customers' expectations and satisfy customers.

          Talent is the permanent capital of dadian, enthusiastic investment, excellent completion of their own work is the company's most valuable resources. We respect each employee's personality and right of choice. All employees are equal in personality and development opportunities. We continue to provide development space and remuneration beyond employees' expectations, making them proud.

          Business mission:

          Bring value to customers, create value for the company, reflect value for employees, create value for the society.

          Work philosophy:

          Simple things, do the best is the trick.

          Team spirit:

          Focus, perseverance, continuous transcendence, concerted efforts, the same goal.

          Quality policy:

          Leading technology, creating value, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

          Dada team spirit: dedicated and enterprising, the pursuit of excellence, never give up

          With the rapid rise of knowledge economy and the rapid development of global economic integration, talents as the carrier of knowledge and technology and innovation as the fundamental driving force of enterprises have increasingly become the core strength of enterprise development.

          As a manufacturer of design, production, sales and service of electric vehicle controller, dada has its unique operation and management mode. Since its establishment in 2008, it has rapidly become an industry brand. Because it has always insisted on providing customers with first-class quality and service, but also because it has a working partner to create this miracle. Our competitors can copy a lot of our secrets, but can't copy our partners' pride and enthusiasm for the electrical and mechanical industry.


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