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          Five Chinese electric cars are among the world's top 20
          Release time:2019-08-08 15:36:08      Hit count:344

          "China leads the world in electric vehicles" is a joke to many, but in fact, "made in China" accounts for five of the world's top 20 best-selling electric vehicles.

          According to data compiled by overseas media, 29,238 electric vehicles were sold worldwide in June, breaking the previous record of 28,709 in December 2013. By comparison, the number of electric vehicles sold globally in June 2013 was 16,017. June's figure jumped 82.5% from a year earlier. Sales are higher in markets such as China, the us, Norway and Japan.

          Data show that in the first half of 2014, among the world's best-selling electric vehicles, the top 20 models include five Chinese cars, including byd qin and chery QQ3EV, and four Chinese enterprises, including byd and chery, are among the top 20 electric vehicle manufacturers.

          Tesla ModelS, ford FusionEnerg and byd qin set records among the world's best-selling electric vehicles. Although zotye E20 has been on the market for a short time, it has sold thousands of cars since its launch. The rapid rise of mitsubishi's outlander plug-in hybrid has even outsold tesla's, with 1, 300 in Japan alone. China's electric vehicles performed well, with byd qin, kangdi electric car KandiEV, chery QQ3EV, zotye E20 and byd E6 entering the top 20. Byd's qin and KandiEV electric vehicles are also among the top 10 electric vehicle sales in the world.

          According to the statistics of overseas institutions, among the top 20 electric vehicle enterprises in the first half of this year, Japanese automobile enterprises are still the enterprises with the highest sales volume of electric vehicles. Mitsubishi, Toyota and other Japanese car companies ranked high, firmly holding their leading position in the field of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles; American tesla stands at the third place of sales in the first half of the year with the attitude of "tsundere". In any case, it is happy for domestic consumers that Chinese automakers are scrambling to make the list, even though the vast majority of their sales come from China, the biggest market and consumer base.

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