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          For the famous mountain traffic police thumb up!
          Release time:2019-08-08 15:57:06      Hit count:348

          To build a new electric bike compulsory national standards "electric bicycle safety technical specifications" (GB17761-2018) in place, pays special attention to the electric bicycle registration registration work and further standardize the use and management of electric bicycle, famous mountains traffic seriously according to the ministries and agencies "on strengthening the opinions of the electric bicycle to the supervision of the national standard" requirement, combining the reality of jurisdiction, from three aspects emphatically, solid foundation in the electric bicycle registration registration, since new standards implementation, the registration registration electric bikes more than 480 vehicles.

          First, focus on the launch of publicity, publicity into the people.

          Through mountains station, WeChat, weibo promotion platform to tout ministries and agencies "on strengthening the opinions of the electric bicycle to the supervision of the national standard" and "ya 'an mountains area electric bicycle registration notice", widely told social people in April 15, 2019 to buy not timely registration does not conform to the new standard of electric bicycle to completes the registration registration work in time, and preach overweight electric bicycle hazards and consequences, lead the masses to buy consciously comply with national safety technical standards for electric bikes, to do a good job of registered electric bikes, consciously abide by traffic regulations, safety civilization in the transportation, Jointly build a good road traffic environment.

          Second, focus on the source of governance, departmental linkage to reduce the stock.

          Take the initiative to strengthen communication and coordination with the district economic and information bureau, market supervision administration and other departments, closely focus on the current situation of e-bike management in the current jurisdiction to discuss effective measures, and form a consensus, further refine the work plan, clear work objectives; Each department does, joint visit district electric bicycle dealer, MoPai jurisdiction excessive stock of electric bicycles, and electric bicycle dealers, strict sales qualified in accordance with the electric bicycle and sign "pledge", to strengthen the management of electric bicycles from the source, reduce the excessive stock of electric bicycle.

          Third, focus on the reform of "regulation and service", "police protection linkage" to improve efficiency.

          In order to effectively deal with the surging phenomenon of e-bike boarding, reduce the waiting time of the masses, improve the work efficiency, scientifically adjust the duty of the vehicle management office, and take time-delayed service measures to do a good job of e-bike boarding service for the masses. At the same time, strengthening the cooperation of the police to protect, active visit to coordinate Chinese famous mountains branch of the people's property insurance limited liability company, the insurance company vigorously support and cooperation, through the insurance company staff, to the masses widely publicized electric bicycle registration registration, creating to help insurance companies in the jurisdiction Ma Ling town, black bamboo town, township, liao field MaoHe town, forward town, lian jiang township, baizhang town, township, township XinDian Town, 27, of all ages XieFang Township, hongyan township, town and township (town) of 13 agent point business for electric bicycle "registration and insurance" work, great convenience of the masses, to deal with the business, to the nearest It effectively alleviates the pressure on vehicle management offices, allows the public to run at most once, and greatly improves the efficiency of registration and registration.

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          亚洲区一区,亚洲欧美香蕉在线日韩精选,亚洲最大在线观看,亚洲一区欧洲一区 亚洲一区二区欧美,亚洲欧美视频一区,欧美日本精品视频,欧美一区a