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          Develop high quality electric bicycle, low speed electric bicycle!
          Release time:2019-08-08 15:52:57      Hit count:363

          Recently, the ministry of transport and other departments and units of 12 jointly issued by the green travel action plan (2019-2022) "(hereinafter referred to as" action plan "), is put forward in 2022, set up rational layout, eco-friendly, cleaning, low carbon, intensive and efficient green travel service system, puts forward the 21 specific actions, one of which is to speed up the charging infrastructure. We will accelerate the construction of a convenient, efficient and moderately advanced charging network system, with emphasis on the planning and construction of urban bus hubs, parking lots, and charging facilities at the first and last stations. We will increase subsidies for charging infrastructure, and gradually shift subsidies for the purchase of new energy vehicles to the construction and operation of charging infrastructure. Promotion and implementation of various forms of charging preferential policies.

          Action measures also include promoting the large-scale application of green vehicles. With the implementation of new and updated energy-saving and new energy vehicles as a breakthrough point, efforts will be further intensified to promote the use of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in urban public transport, taxi, time-sharing rental, short-distance road passenger transport, tourist attractions, airports and ports ferries, government agencies and public institutions, etc. We will improve subsidies for industrial operations, and speed up the elimination of high-energy consumption and high-emission vehicles, as well as electric bicycles and low-speed electric vehicles produced in violation of laws and regulations.

          First of all, "accelerating the elimination of illegal production of electric bicycles, low-speed electric vehicles" means that small non-branded factories have been sentenced to death, conducive to the purification of the market environment.

          Second, "enhance the level of green equipment" shows that electric vehicles has become a national policy for the development of high quality, "this for low-speed electric car companies, the biggest lies in its certainly again after confirming the Gospel of the" three a "(" upgrade a batch, standardize a batch of elimination, a batch of") development ideas and provincial enterprise "upgrade" quality policy, eliminated does not conform to the standard of electric vehicles at low speed, can produce high quality legal low-speed electric cars, further intensify application of new energy vehicles, that cheap and fine low-speed electric car will have a bigger share of the market.

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