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          Electric vehicle controller replacement considerations
          Release time:2019-08-08 16:00:58      Hit count:374

          Electric vehicle controller replacement needs to pay attention to what matters?

          Note 1: the positive and negative poles of the power supply must be connected correctly to avoid damaging the controller.

          Note 2: find the right connector for the controller and switch.

          If the controller on the plug-in and the handle on the contact parts do not match, in order to emergency can be removed plug-in, direct connection between the line, at this time do not be afraid of trouble, must be street connection. If the conditions allow, it is recommended to use electric iron to firmly weld the street, and then use insulation tape to wrap up, to avoid potential hazards in the future use process.

          Note 3: pay attention to the positive and negative poles connected between the controller and the motor during maintenance. If the motor turns upside down, reverse the positive and negative poles of the motor.

          Note 4: as the outgoing form of some controller turns and the outgoing form of sensor are the same, the connector is also the same, so be sure to distinguish the two correctly.

          Note 5: the output power of the controller and the power of the motor should be consistent. When maintaining the electric vehicle controller, if the controller cannot be matched temporarily, the controller whose output power is greater than that of the motor should be chosen rather than the controller whose output power is less than that of the motor. Remember, it is better to "cart with big horse than cart with small horse".

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