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          The "conversion" of low-speed electric vehicles needs to be discussed
          Release time:2019-08-08 16:08:58      Hit count:358

          Low-speed electric vehicles are not only cheap, but also very popular. However, due to the awkward legal status of low-speed electric vehicles, in the case of traffic accidents, there are serious differences even in the court's decision on the basic issue of "whether to treat as motor vehicle accidents". In addition, there are many safety risks and rights protection difficulties behind low-speed electric vehicles. Fu yuwu, President of the China society of automotive engineering, recently revealed that the status of low-speed electric vehicles is expected to become official.

          Although low-speed electric vehicles have the advantages of fuel saving and cheap, their disadvantages cannot be underestimated. Take our city as an example, the number of motor vehicles has exceeded 2 million. If a large number of low-speed electric vehicles become regular, the traffic pressure can be imagined.

          Many drivers of low-speed electric vehicles do not obey the traffic rules, and traffic accidents caused by illegal driving are common. There are still many questions about low-speed electric vehicles on the road. For example, do drivers need to get a driver's license? Is the road traffic safety act applicable? After happening traffic accident, what kind of code should traffic police deal with according to? These questions must first be clarified. Because of the low cost of low-speed electric vehicles themselves, if they want to become regular employees, they must buy mandatory insurance and have regular inspection. Unqualified vehicles cannot be on the road.

          Low-speed electric vehicles are not new energy vehicles. On the outside, though, the low-speed electric cars on the road look a lot like some models. But in fact, its function, structure and safety factor are far from the car. In the short term, the conversion of low-speed electric vehicles into official vehicles can solve the travel problems of some people, but more social resources are needed to follow up, such as relevant supporting measures, policies and regulations, management system... In the long run, to solve the problem of residents' travel, we should also vigorously develop public transport and strengthen social security. With lots of cheap, low-speed electric cars on the road, the traffic will get longer and longer, adding more frustration and waiting.

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