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          Electric bicycles have exceeded 250 million! How to regulate management to solve...
          Release time:2019-08-08 15:51:34      Hit count:347

          At present, there are more than 250 million electric bicycles in China. Electric bicycles not only bring convenience to people's travel, but also pose a serious threat to people's life and property safety due to their illegal use, especially some fire accidents caused by illegal charging, the emergency management department said at a press conference on the theme of national production safety month.

          Cheap, easy to ride and convenient to park, e-bikes have become a part of people's life. However, when the number of e-bikes reaches a staggering 200 million, the troubles brought by e-bikes can no longer be ignored.

          Experiments show that an electric bicycle began to burn, about 1 minute explosion may occur, as part of the electric bicycle materials are chemical combustible, fire will produce a large number of toxic smoke, in the closed building, just 4 minutes, toxic gas can cover the whole building stairwell. This experiment has been confirmed by a number of fires caused by illegal charging, each of which is shocking.

          The continuous flow of electric bicycles on the road is convenient for people's life, but due to the owners of speeding, driving in the wrong direction, running red lights, all kinds of traffic accidents are common. According to data released by the zhejiang provincial public security department, in the first quarter of this year, 37.6 percent of the traffic accidents involving electric bicycles occurred in zhejiang province, and 29.1 percent of the traffic deaths were caused by electric bicycles.

          Analysis of the causes of e-bike accidents, but two main factors, one is the problem of the car itself, many e-bike speed design too fast, braking performance is poor; The second is the problem of the car owners, some drivers have no awareness of traffic rules, as if I go my own way, resulting in frequent accidents involving electric bicycles.

          Take good care of the car, "electric bicycle safety technical specifications" (new national standards) issued on May 15 last year, this year formally implemented on April 15. But according to a recent report in the nanfang daily, many of the overpriced cars are still hurtling along the road. How to implement the new national standards requires market supervision, traffic management departments, relevant enterprises and social organizations to work together and come up with effective measures.

          The non-compliance of electric bicycle owners in riding is a persistent problem. With the rapid development of the take-out industry in recent years, the phenomenon has become more and more serious with the influx of electric bicycle riders as the main means of transportation. Data from a local traffic police department in the pearl river delta region show that 45,000 traffic violations involving take-away vehicles were investigated and dealt with in the whole of last year to February this year.

          250 million is a huge number, and it's definitely growing. Manage well two or three hundred million electric bicycles, test the wisdom of governance.

          In the past, public opinion generally believed that the supervision of e-bikes is not in place, and the punishment for violations is low, which naturally needs to be corrected. In addition, keeping pace with The Times, innovation management mode is also a top priority.

          In February this year, guangzhou traffic police piloted the promotion of uniform coding of takeaway riders, and carried out pilot work in tianhe district and yuexiu district, recording the illegal traffic behaviors of takeaway riders and delivery vehicles through electronic eye photography, and regularly sending copies to enterprises. It is reported that the above - mentioned new format management model in the first department.

          From the point of view of pilot effect, innovation has been supported by relevant enterprises. This is not hard to understand. Riders in the city are coded uniformly. No enterprise wants to see its employees treat traffic rules as nothing in the street, and no enterprise is unwilling to reduce the traffic accident rate of its employees.

          This case also reminds people that, apart from strict law and regulation, it is easier to find the convergence of interests of all parties and normalize governance

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