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          Rainy street "dangerous" frequent: electric bicycles illegal installation of parasols
          Release time:2019-08-08 15:48:26      Hit count:373

          In recent days, frequent rain has brought inconvenience to people's travel, such weather, should pay more attention to safety, but the street is frequently a dangerous hidden danger, that is, electric bicycles illegally installed parasols, in view of this phenomenon, the reporter followed the traffic police in the west second ring road near the industrial road, continued to carry out the campaign.

          Yesterday afternoon 4 o 'clock, the reporter follows the taijiang traffic police brigade business district squadron to set up the check in the west second ring road industrial intersection periphery. The reporter found that some electric bicycle riders did not wear raincoat, but with an umbrella, rely on one hand to control the switch, rainy road slippery, such riding potential safety hazards should not be underestimated. Some riders use the parasol on the e-bike as a rain cover. When these illegal e-bike riders were stopped by police, they were very confused.

          Taijiang traffic police business district squadron police: electric vehicles are not allowed to install parasols, not allowed in the prototype of electric bicycles.

          E - bike rider: I don't know. I just put it on yesterday. This kind of community inside want more publicity, these did not see publicity, and I saw a lot of people on the road are installed. If I had known that I would not install, my electric bicycle is just bought not long ago.

          Reporter: that now go back will tear down?

          E - bike rider: yes.

          Electric bicycles add sunshade suspected of illegal change not only the vehicle shape, but also related to the rider's own and others' traffic safety, in case of windy sunshade is easy to cause body shaking, and not only so, sunshade would cause serious obstacles to the rear of the driver line of sight, and cause the rear could not judge the situation ahead, in the event of an emergency, can't advance to take safety measures, easy to cause traffic accidents.

          Gao jianbin, captain of taijiang traffic police business district squadron, said: "our intersection is adjacent to three business districts, marlborsu business district. The traffic flow is huge every day. The common illegal behavior is that citizens ride electric bicycles to go backward and carry people. This period of time because it is the rainy season, riding the electric vehicle itself rainy road slippery, many food delivery or express delivery, the speed is relatively fast, sometimes not according to the road, the wrong way to catch time. In the recent period of time, we have also carried out unified measures to address these issues.

          Next, the police will also be in other jurisdictions intersection to increase efforts to deal with the illegal electric bikes, to protect the safety of every traveler, also warn riders to strengthen the safety consciousness, whether on a rainy day or in hot weather, don't do STH without authorization to electric bicycle with umbrella, rainy days can choose to wear a raincoat, hot weather may choose to wear a sun hat, sunglasses, etc way to travel.

          In the process, some riders who have illegally installed parasols still don't realize how dangerous the large umbrella, which looks like a sunshade, is. In recent years, due to the addition of electric bicycles parasol caused by traffic accidents, local news media have also reported, this kind of parasol is even called "kill umbrella".

          First of all, the installation of parasol will block the line of sight, causing the riders to be unable to see the surrounding traffic while driving, leading to traffic collision accidents. On March 23, 2018, an electric bicycle equipped with a sunshade hit an oncoming white car at an intersection in wannian county, east China's jiangxi province, injuring the rider.

          And the electric bike is equipped with a parasol, when turning, the rider can not see clearly behind the car, causing traffic accidents.

          In addition to blocking the view of the riders, the installation of parasols also changes the original structure of the vehicle. In the case of heavy wind and rain during the fast driving, the vehicle will easily lose balance and traffic accidents will occur.

          At the same time, in the event of an accident, once the "sunshade" mounted on the front of the car breaks, the metal handle or bracket becomes a dangerous "sharp knife". In zhanjiang, guangdong province, a woman died when she was stabbed in the throat with a broken parasol.

          One by one accident shocking, it is very afraid of careful thinking, if you have family and friends on the electric bicycle installed a parasole, also please tell him these dangers, do not give their electric bicycle equipped with a "deadly umbrella"!

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